How to get rid of one of the biggest problems with WhatsApp groups


WhatsApp groups It can be helpful to stay in touch with friends and family. By default, your group’s privacy settings are set to Everyone. This means that anyone with your mobile phone number can add you to a group on WhatsApp. While it simplifies things, it also puts you at risk of being added to unwanted groups. And we all know how annoying it can be when random messages keep popping up from time to time in those groups.
WhatsApp has a solution for this problem of being added to random groups by random people. One can modify the privacy settings of their group on WhatsApp to get rid of this vulnerability. You can choose from three different options on who can add you to a group. Here’s how to proceed
How to avoid being added to random WhatsApp groups on iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Now, tap on Account and then Privacy
  • Here, find Groups and tap on it
  • Opening it will give you three options on who can add you to WhatsApp groups:

All the world- This means that anyone with your number can add it to any WhatsApp group.
My contacts- This will allow only your WhatsApp contacts to add you to groups on WhatsApp
My contacts except With this option, you can further restrict people from adding you to groups on WhatsApp. If a contact, who you have restricted, tries to add them to a group, they will receive a WhatsApp chat invitation. You can then reject or accept the request within three days.
How to avoid being added to random WhatsApp groups on Android

  • Go to WhatsApp and tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner
  • Tap Settings, Account and Privacy.
  • Here, tap Groups. You’ll see three options here: Everyone, My Contacts, or My Contacts Except.

You can select any of the three options according to your choice.

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