How to pick the right underwear according to your body type


There are some common mistakes people make when shopping for underwear. But why should your choice of underwear matter? The right underwear, depending on the body type, is capable of making or breaking all day. Your inner comfort only translates to outer wandering, doesn’t it?

Types of underwear: briefs, briefs, boxer briefs, briefs, which one should I choose? In theory, these are mainly the four types of underwear to choose from; each has a different purpose to bring you comfort. Let’s read how.

Briefs (snug fit)

Perfect for: slim, fit and muscular men

With tension as their specialty, they come with an elastic band and are perfect for when you need ample support down there. This is the type of underwear that everyone knows about. He is the antithesis of boxers in every way.

Boxer briefs (secure fit with ample breathability)

Perfect for: all body types

This style of men’s underwear combines the tight fit of men’s briefs with the shape of men’s boxers. You get the best of both worlds with boxer briefs. There is additional fabric that covers the thigh area more.

Trunks (cut thinner than boxer briefs)

Perfect for: Lean, fit, muscular men with wide hips.

With a fitted waistband, they are a good alternative if you find boxer hems to be

constantly moving up your thighs. Trunks are a step above typical boxer briefs in terms of fit. As long as the quality is good, they do not lose their elasticity for a long period of time.

Boxers (looser and more versatile indoor shorts)

Perfect for: Big, fit and muscular men.

Good old men’s boxers were inspired by the loose boxing shorts that professional boxers wear. And what are boxers known to be? Fit and athletic. Boxers do not have elastic leg openings that must remain close to the skin.

With input from Gaurav Pushkar, co-founder of DaMENSCH.

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