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How to stop making ‘one of the biggest’ storage mistakes on WhatsApp


Facebook ownership WhatsApp is still a popular social messaging app among its users. While it has become a default texting app for many, it offers the ability to share files, documents, and other media like photos and videos with contacts. However, it can be annoying when WhatsApp automatically saves unwanted or unnecessary photos / videos in your phone’s gallery. This can clutter up your gallery and also eat up the storage space on your smartphone. Not to mention the data lost when downloading these files.
Fortunately, WhatsApp offers an outlet for these unwanted downloads. Both of them Android and iPhone users can disable automatic media download on their phone.
How to stop automatic downloading of WhatsApp photos and videos on iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Touch Storage & data
  • Here, you will see automatic media download option for photos, audio, video, and documents
  • You can change the function to ‘Never’ for each media individually

Doing this will prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading media files shared with you in an individual chat or in a group chat. Only files that you choose to download manually will appear.
Also, if you don’t want these photos to appear on your iPhone camera roll, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings in WhatsApp
  • Tap the Chats section.
  • Here, uncheck the option ‘Save to camera roll’

How to stop automatic downloading of WhatsApp photos and videos on Android phone

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Here, tap on Storage and data
  • You will see three options: “When using mobile data”, “When connected to a Wi-Fi network”, “When roaming”.
  • Touch and disable automatic downloads for all media: images, audio and video

Now when a contact shares a photo / audio / video with you on WhatsApp, it needs to be downloaded manually. In case you don’t want them to appear in your phone’s photo gallery, here are the steps

  • Open the chat window on WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings and tap Chat
  • Find media visibility and turn it off

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