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How to use ghee to stay healthy


A tablespoon of Ghee with a glass of milk and turmeric with black pepper cleanses the digestive system of its toxins. This helps with constipation and gives your immune system a much-needed boost.

One of the most important Ayurvedic benefits of ghee is that it helps improve metabolism. This will greatly improve your mood while increasing your energy levels and helping you lose weight.

Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid. It works as a probiotic food for the bacteria in the gut.

Ghee has vitamin K2, which helps the bones absorb calcium and helps relieve joint pain.

Ghee with turmeric and black pepper reduces inflammation and stress, which can help you sleep better.

Ghee is unctuous in nature and adds shine to the skin.

The CLA in ghee shrinks tumors, lowers cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugar. It also helps stimulate the appetite. (Image: istock)

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