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I hated poverty so much that I wanted to become rich


Raj kundra It’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. He was recently arrested in an alleged pornography-related case. The businessman has been sent to police custody until July 23. Recently, we had in our hands one of his interviews with Filmfare from 2013 where he talked about being a self-made man, marrying an actress, and more.

Speaking of succeeding in the business world on his own, Raj said: “I come from a humble background. My father moved to London 45 years ago and worked as a bus driver, while my mother worked in a factory. We never had it easy. I am a self made man since I left college at the age of 18. Whenever Shilpa checks me out for careless spending, I tell her that I have no qualms about enjoying the money I have earned. My anger pushed me. I hated poverty so much that I wanted to get rich. And I made a difference in my life. Shilpa respected me for that as she made herself too. ”

Raj also went on to say that he fell in love with his wife. Shilpa shetty. “Everyone sees Shilpa as a sex symbol, a glamorous queen. But I can see the real person. She was sitting with her mother in a hotel when I met her. I realized how homey it really was. It was evident that she was cultured and had good values. It was love at first sight. From the moment I saw her, I knew that I would love for her to be my life partner. What sets her apart from other actors is that she doesn’t come with the baggage of being a celebrity. That’s what impresses me the most, “he added.

Delving deeper, he stated: “There is more to her than meets the eye. She has an angelic side. Her home side grew in me as I got to know her. You would think she would drink, smoke, things than one. He associates with actresses. But she doesn’t do any of that. I took her home to meet my parents and she was extremely warm. He touched their feet. I respect that. It was then that I thought that this girl could be my wife. My friends supported the idea. I knew my father would hesitate to marry a glamorous girl, there is always a preconceived notion about them. But she was so different. ”

At least 11 people, including Raj, have been arrested in the case for their alleged involvement in a case involving the production of pornography.

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