‘I was in shock’: Brian Lara on Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as T20I captain | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara is “surprised” with the Indian pattern virat KohliThe decision to resign as patron of the T20I after the ICC World Cup T20 scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman in October-November this year.
In a statement recently issued on social media, Kohli said: “Understanding the workload is something very important and, considering my immense workload for the last 8-9 years playing all three formats and captaining regularly for the last 5- 6 years, I feel like I need to give myself space to be fully ready to lead the Indian team in testing and ODI. Cricket. ”
Lara said he was surprised to learn of Kohli’s decision despite having done a “tremendous job.”

“I was shocked because I think he (Kohli) did a tremendous job, he played all the big countries – South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia – beating them all,” Lara said during a video interaction with cricket. .com on Saturday.
“This is his first World Cup (T20) as captain, so this will end his career as captain (T20I) after that. It’s a big shock. But the kind of intensity that he plays with, I feel like sometimes sometimes. It can be good to take a step back, focus on another format of the game, “said Lara, one of the most charismatic female cricketers of the modern era.
“I’ve also had these problems when I was playing, when a couple of times I stepped down as captain and it became very, very stressful,” added the Antillean.

Lara said that although it was Kohli’s personal decision, it would serve Indian cricket well.
“I am not in his (Kohli) shoes, but I am sure that he made his decision not only by personal decision, but by a decision that also serves Indian cricket,” Lara added.

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