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Imran Khan attacks PM Modi, RSS during poll rally in PoK, calls himself ‘brand ambassador’ of Kashmiris


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attacked Prime Minister on Saturday Narendra modi Y Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) during an election rally in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and introduced himself as the “brand ambassador” of Kashmiris in all international forums.
Addressing the first public meeting related to the elections in the Bagh area of ​​PoK, Dawn reported that Khan claimed that “the ideology of the BJP and the RSS posed the greatest threat to India itself because (the ideology) was not directed only to the Muslims, but also to the Sikhs, Christians and cataloged castes, whom he did not consider equal citizens “.
He even criticized Prime Minister Modi’s government’s decision to repeal Article 370, claiming that “atrocities” escalated in Kashmir after August 5, 2019. Khan further claimed to be the “Kashmiri brand ambassador” in all the international forums, saying that “Pakistan supports the people of Kashmir in their just fight.”
Citing the Qur’an, the Pakistani prime minister said he would continue to take the case of Kashmiris around the world as his “ambassador and advocate.”
This speech comes in the middle of the upcoming PoK elections scheduled for July 25. Amid mounting loans and a poor economic record, Khan praised Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) economic models and China’s “humanity first” approach.
This attack on Prime Minister Modi and India comes a few days after Khan sidestepped questions about Pakistan’s role regarding the Talibanactions in Afghanistan and sought to blame “RSS ideology” for the stalled talks with India amid concerns over its support for cross-border terrorism.
Khan, who was in Tashkent to attend the South and Central Asia conference, was asked about AND ME on the sidelines of the event if conversations and terror can go hand in hand. “I can tell India that we are waiting for a long time for us to live as civilized neighbors. But what can we do? The ideology of RSS got in the way,” Khan told ANI.
Khan did not accept further questions, even when asked to ask a question about the relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan in the context of the events in Afghanistan.

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