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BENGALURU: The Congress in Karnataka on Wednesday found itself in a difficult situation after a video showed an alleged conversation between the media coordinator of the MA party Saleem and former member of Lok Sabha VS Ugrappa Attributing the president of the state of Congress DK ShivakumarHis involvement in a scam when he was a minister.
Making a strong exception to the clipping that went viral, Shivakumar said that he cannot deny that the conversation did not take place and rejected the content of the conversation.

Acting swiftly, the party expelled Saleem from the party for six years and delivered a notice of show of cause to Ugrappa, who is a congressional spokesperson, seeking an explanation within three days.
The conversation is said to be related to the irrigation department scams that Shivakumar allegedly participated in when he was minister of irrigation in the Congressional-JD (S) coalition government, which lasted 14 months and collapsed in June 2019.
However, Ugrappa clarified that Saleem was only informing him of what the people at BJP have been talking about about the raids carried out by the Income Tax (IT) Department since October 7 against three large contractors executing projects. irrigation systems and roads at 47 facilities in four states, including Karnataka. and Maharashtra.
The search and seizure by IT officials have resulted in the detection of undisclosed revenue of approximately Rs 750 million, the IT department said in a statement Tuesday.
Minutes before Ugrappa’s press conference on Tuesday, Saleem sat next to him and began whispering about the scams.
“Before, it was eight percent. He increased it to 12 percent. These are all DKS adjustments,” Saleem is heard saying in the alleged video.
“Uppar and G Shankar from Hospet in Ballari, whom you know. Uppar is from Bengaluru,” Saleem was seen explaining.
When Ugrappa corrected that Uppar is from Vijayapura, Saleem said that Uppar’s house is right across from former Minister SM Krishna’s in Bengaluru.
“It’s (Irrigation) a big scandal. If it is dug properly, its (DK Shivakumar) role will also come to light. You don’t know sir, the three of them earned Rs 50-100 million. If they had made so much (of wealth ), then guess how much he (Shivakumar) would have made. He’s a ‘giraaki’ (extortionist) from the collection, “Saleem is heard saying.
In response, Ugrappa said that he did not know such things.
“I don’t know. We all decided to name him (Shivakumar) President of the State. That’s why I’m not saying anything. These are the reasons …”, Ugrappa is heard saying.
Also, Saleem said that Shivakumar stutters these days.
“He stutters these days, maybe due to low blood pressure or something else,” Saleem said to which Ugrappa agreed.
Saleem also wondered if Shivakumar drinks and even gets excited these days.
He then praised Siddaramaiah for his strong body language.
Shivakumar said that the conversation has taken place.
In reaction to this, he said that the media had shown Saleem and Ugrappa speaking out against the party’s head of state.
“You have shown that they have spoken ill of me. I will not deny it. They have spoken against me. Ugrappa has given a statement at a press conference,” Shivakumar said.
He said he has no connection to the content of the conversation.
“I am not related to what they have talked about. I was never part of any ‘percentage’ (participation in contracts) and I don’t need it. I have no connection with that (participation in contracts),” Shivakumar said.
To clarify his position, Ugrappa held a press conference today and said that Shivakumar and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah are like two eyes and that they are both dear to him.
Ugrappa said Saleem was briefing him on what the BJP leaders were talking about outside. However, the place chosen by him was wrong and he could have spoken in private and not before the media, he clarified.
The events come long before the crucial indirect elections for the Sindagi and Hanagal assembly segments on October 30.
Furthermore, it has come at a time when the party has prepared for the assembly elections, which is a year and a half away.
The party had also seen the show of force between the Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah factions in the past. Ugrappa and Saleem consider themselves the close aides of Siddaramaiah.

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