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India looking at creating rocket force: CDS Gen Rawat | India News


NEW DELHI: India is seeking to “create a rocket force”, Chief of Defense General Staff Gen Bipin Rawat He said Wednesday even as he underscored the need for extensive use of niche technology to combat various national security challenges, including possible aggression from China.
In a speech at an event, Gen Rawat described Pakistan as a “proxy” for China, noting that Islamabad will continue its “proxy war” against India in Jammu and Kashmir and that it is now trying to create trouble in Punjab and some other parts. . from the country.
“As far as our northern adversary is concerned, given that we have unstable borders with them and they have shown aggression on the east coast, in the South China Sea with nations in that area, is (China) likely to show aggression in our North? borders? “said Gen Rawat.
“Whether it happens in the form of direct aggression or through the use of technology, we have to be prepared. This preparation can only happen if we work together,” said the Chief of Defense Staff.
Referring to the measures initiated to strengthen India’s air power, he said: “We are looking to create a rocket force.” However, Gen Rawat did not elaborate on the plan.
About the situation in Afghanistan, Gen Rawat said that no one thought that the Taliban it will take over the country “so fast.”
“Only time will tell what happens. Let’s wait and watch. We don’t know what is likely to happen in the future in Afghanistan. There could be even more confusion and more changes that cannot be anticipated now,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, former Defense Secretary NN Vohra called for the declassification of the Henderson Brookes Report on the 1962 war with China be allowed.
Speaking of general geopolitical developments, Gen Rawat said that China’s rise has occurred faster than anticipated and that it is becoming increasingly aggressive.
“We share a land border with them. Therefore, I think it is time for us to start looking at our strategies on how we are going to deal with two borders that have aggressive neighbors, Pakistan on the western front and China in the north.” he said.
“We need to start looking for transformation to improve and ensure that the national security architecture that we want to evolve is capable of dealing with the type of threats that we are seeing,” he added.
The Defense Chief of Staff said that ensuring integration between the armed forces was key to meeting future security challenges.
He said that technology should be considered the fifth pillar of national power after diplomacy, information, military and economic prowess.
The Defense Chief of Staff said the three forces must understand the importance of new technology to meet future challenges.
Referring to the ambitious theater initiative for the three services, Gen Rawat said the plan has been to have one theater command each for the western border and the northern border.
Asked about the key roles of the main commanders in the event of a war, he said that the heads of the three forces will ensure training and analyze the resources of the theater commands, in addition to other key aspects.
General Rawat said that any war will be fought precisely by the theater commanders according to a plan approved by the Chiefs of the General Staff Committee. The Committee of Chiefs of Staff will be headed by the Chief of Defense Staff.
In his speech, Gen Rawat spoke extensively about India’s future military challenges, security doctrine, and key aspects of the ambitious military reform process.

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