India reports over 19,000 cases and 241 deaths | India News


NEW DELHI: Total Covid cases in India have hovered at around 20,000 over the past four days. On Friday, 19,503 cases and 241 deaths were reported across the country. The numbers of Assam, Jharkhand, Up and Uttarakhand they were yet to come at the time of presenting this story and are likely to exceed the 20,000 mark.
The reduction in cases can be mainly attributed to the steady decrease in positive cases from Kerala. In the past two weeks, the state account has seen a rapid decline. Compared to 16,671 cases reported on Sept. 25, the state reported 10,944 cases today. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Mizoram they were the only other states to report more than 1,000 cases. Kerala recorded 120 deaths today.

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