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India vs England: ECB likely to write to ICC to decide on outcome of fifth Test | Cricket News


MANCHESTER: England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in all likelihood would be writing to the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to decide the fate of the fifth Trial against India at Old Trafford.
After an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Indian camp, the older players expressed their apprehensions to both BCCI and ECB on playing and the Test was canceled with India leading 2-1 after four Tests.
While ICC sources said they are unaware that the ECB has already written to the ICC on the matter, leading website Cricbuzz has reported that the host cricket board has already done so as they expect a loss of £ 40 million, most of it will not be covered if COVID-19 is the reason for the game cancellation.
It is understood that the ECB will press for the fifth test to be annulled, which would allow them to claim compensation from the insurance company.
“Look, the single test that BCCI has proposed will be independent as Tom harrison has said. Which means that it is not part of this series.
“Therefore, if ICC decides that the Indian cricket team that twice tested negative in RT-PCR was unable to ‘line up’ the team due to COVID-19, then it will be an acceptable non-compliance,” said a source familiar with the matter.
However, if ruled out in favor of India, the ECB could incur huge losses as most of the £ 40m is not covered by COVID-19 insurance.
Therefore, if the ECB can adequately prove that it was a confiscation case and the series is awarded 2-2, then it has good reason to claim compensation.
Indian cricketers have already left the UK and most of them have made base in the United Arab Emirates with their respective IPL franchises.
Needless to say, BCCI’s apprehension was that the IPL schedule would go haywire should any of the top players test positive during the course of the now-canceled Test.
Indian players from the physio assistant Yogesh parmarThe positive report has had two negative RT-PCR tests after which they left the country.

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