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India willing to collaborate with East Asian nations in production of Covid drugs, vaccines: Patel | India News


NEW DELHI: India is willing to cooperate with East Asian Nations Produced by Generic drugs and medical technologies used for the treatment of Covid-19, as well as in the field of vaccines, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Anupriya Patel said Wednesday.
He addressed the ninth meeting of the Economy Ministers of the East Asia Summit (EAS-EMM) via videoconference.
The minister also said that in an interconnected and globalized world, no one is safe until everyone is safe, and India expects an early outcome on the proposed TRIPS exemption for vaccines, therapies and diagnostics in the country. World Trade Organization (WTO).
India recognizes that the international community has a collective responsibility to work together against the Covid-19 pandemic in the true spirit of partnership within existing international frameworks, he said.
“India is ready to collaborate with East Asian partners in the production of generic drugs and medical technologies used for the treatment of Patients with Covid-19, as well as in the area of ​​vaccine production. 70 percent of the world’s vaccines are produced in India and our ability to produce quality drugs and vaccines at affordable prices is recognized worldwide, “said Patel.
He added that despite the availability of scientific evidence and literature confirming that the Covid-19 virus cannot survive on surfaces and food packages, exports, especially agro-exports, of many countries, including India, faced restrictive measures.
At a difficult time when the world is already reeling under blockages and supply chain disruptions, those restrictive barriers created by certain countries added to existing vulnerabilities, which did not benefit regional trade, he noted.
“Facilitating exports of essential goods and food products is important for food security and people’s well-being. India reiterates the need for fair, transparent, reciprocal and inclusive trade that promotes the interest of all,” said the minister.
Patel also said there is a need to recognize the cybersecurity and data protection challenges arising from the unprecedented growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

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