Indian agencies continue interrogation of apprehended Pakistani boat Allah Pawawakal crew to ascertain intentions | India News


NEW DELHI: Indian agencies continue to question the 12 crew members of the arrested Pakistani ship Allah Pawawakal as they want to determine their intentions within Indian waters.
The crew members claim they are fishermen, but the boarding party could not find any fish on their boat and their responses raise suspicions about their intent. His questioning is still continuing, government officials told ANI.
The ship was seized on the night of September 14 when the Rajratan Indian Coast Guard Boat, while on a surveillance mission he was apprehended in Indian waters with 12 crew members, the coastguard he had stated in his statement about the incident.
the ICG ship under the command of Comdt (JG) Gaurav Sharma, challenged, and the boarding party, despite harsh and adverse weather conditions, was tasked with boarding the ship.
The ship has now been brought to Okha for further joint investigation by appropriate agencies.

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