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Indian athletes can use facilities inside the Olympic Village from first day after check-in | Tokyo Olympics News


NEW DELHI: India deputy head of mission (CDM) for the Tokyo Olympics, Dr. Prem Verma, who has resided in the Athletes’ Village since July 14, told TOI on Saturday that the country’s athletes would not necessarily have to go through a strict “period of isolation” for three days upon arrival at the Villa.
Athletes can move within the Village campus which is home to 11,000 Games participants and take advantage of the services of a “main dining room, gym, elevator towers and common areas and clothing collection center” from day one after registration.
Dr. Verma said that the arrangements of the Tokyo the organizers were “world class” and all they expected of the Indian athletes arriving from Delhi was to observe “self-discipline and monitor daily health.”

“We (the CDM, the CDM deputy and other contingents and officials of the IOA) arrived at the Athletes’ Village on July 14 and we did not face restrictions such as three days of isolation or the prohibition of using the common areas and hallways. . The main dining room was accessible to us.
“We will stay in Tower 15 and on floors 11, 12 and 13, which comprise 182 rooms for members of the Indian contingent. The tower itself has athletes and officials from Copenhagen, South Africa, Norway, Belgium and Denmark.
“There are no restrictions on our movements. So, for athletes coming from India, they will have free movement in their tower from the first day of their arrival, with access to the dining room, gym, Village square and parks and common areas ”.

The first batch with 88 athletes and officials leaves Delhi
A formal farewell ceremony took place Saturday night at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) here as the first group of athletes departed for Tokyo.
The contingent of 88, which includes 54 athletes, support staff and IOA officials, received an enthusiastic farewell from sports minister Anurag Thakur and others.

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