India’s sugar exports hit 4.25 million tons so far this year: AISTA


NEW DELHI: Sugar mills India has exported 4.25 million tonnes of the sweetener so far in the current 2020-21 marketing year ending in September, with peak shipments to Indonesia, trade body AISTA said on Friday.
The mills have been contracted to export 5.85 million tonnes of sugar so far, up from the 6 million ton quota assigned by the Food Ministry in January this year, said the Sugar Trade Association of India ( AISTA) in a statement.
There are around 1.50,000 tons of sugar left to export under the quota and some sugar mills have difficulty locating the small quantities that remain in the mills, he said and asked the government to publish the unsent export quota that remains in the mills may 31 .
The sugar marketing season runs from October to September.
According to AISTA, the mills exported a total of 4.25 million tons of sugar from January 1 to June 7, 2021.
Of the total exports made so far, the maximum exports have been made to Indonesia at 1.40 million tons so far this year, followed by Afghanistan with 5.20.905 tons and the United Arab Emirates with 4.36.917 tons and Sri Lanka with 3,24,113 tons.
Some 3.59,665 tons of sugar are being loaded. An additional 4.98,462 tons of sugar are in transit and delivered to port refineries, he said.
“The United States has lifted oil restrictions on Iran and there are possibilities of sugar exports to Iran. India’s biggest sugar exports were to Iran last year, “AISTA president Praful Vithalani told PTI.
Maharashtra has not been able to sell its allotted quota on the domestic market in one month. There may be more than 2 million tons of additional unsold stock at the end of the sugar year ending in September 2021, he added.
The association noted that the monsoon has started and sugar is a highly hygroscopic product as it traps moisture very quickly. Sugar stored in port areas or sugar arriving at the port for export needs to be evacuated immediately.
While the Hazira port trust has decided to give sugar ships priority for docking, similar instructions should also be issued to other ports, he said.
AISTA has already written to the ports from where the main sugar exports are being carried out to give priority to ships for the export of sugar on the lines of Hazira ports, he said, adding that the Union Ministry of Food You can also address the matter with the Ministries of Navigation and Commerce in this case. respect.
International sugar prices have softened somewhat as expected rains in Brazil have increased the chances of an increase in sugar production, he said.
AISTA said that the sugar export It has started without subsidies and so far around 2 lakh tonnes have been traded.
AISTA has estimated sugar production at 30.5 million tons for the 2020-21 marketing season.


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