India’s wars have to be won with Indian solutions: Gen Bipin Rawat | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s aspiration to become a ‘regional power’ cannot depend on ‘borrowed strengths’, said Chief of General Defense Staff Bipin Rawat on Thursday, stressing that “India’s wars must be won with Indian solutions.”
“The war is changing and so are the threats, especially to India. There are collusive threats from our neighboring nations, border intrusions through land borders and the new phenomenon of multi-front warfare spanning borders, electronic and cyber domains, “said Gen Rawat, speaking at the Def-Tech India Conference here.
Urging the private sector to partner with the armed forces “to innovate world-class solutions,” the CDS said indigenization was the only way to go. The 15 lakh armed forces are being reorganized and sized into a more agile and agile army driven by technology in space, cyber, electronic warfare, and Special Forces. the army, Navy and IAF All have created structures and organizations to promote indigenization.
“India’s aspirations to be a regional power can no longer be held hostage to arms imports. During 2016-2020, we remain the world’s second largest arms importer, although the most recent data on global arms transfers show that our arms imports have reached 33% since 2016, indicating a boost in the ‘Made in India“initiative,” said the CDS.
The “silver lining” is that India has reached the 24th position on the list of world arms exporters, with 0.2% of the market share. “This in absolute terms is minimal. However, the momentum is evident. India is aiming to increase its defense exports to $ 5 billion by 2024,” he added.
India’s defense production sector is today at a tipping point ready to take off. “It is a source of pride for all soldiers to use high-quality indigenous equipment and we have the ability and capacity to achieve this,” he said.

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