India’s weekly Covid-19 cases drop 15%, lowest in 6 months | India News


India saw a 15% drop in fresh Covid-19 detected in the week ending Sunday, the lowest weekly count in more than six months, and Kerala’s numbers were down 21%.
The country reported more than 2.14 lakh of new cases in the week (September 13-19), up from 2.51 lakh in the previous seven days. This was the lowest number of cases reported in 27 weeks from March 8-14 (for the weeks ending Sunday).
This was the second week in a row of a substantial decline in Covid numbers. Last week, cases in the country had seen a drop of 13%, while in the previous seven days, the figures were practically unchanged with a fall of only 0.6%.
The sharp drop in infections was mainly due to falling numbers in Kerala, which still accounted for 62% of all cases in the country for the week. Kerala reported 1.33 lakh of new cases, a 20.6% drop from the previous week’s count of more than 1.67 lakh. Two weeks earlier, Kerala’s weekly case count had surpassed 2 lakh, when the latest wave of the pandemic in the state peaked.

Cases continued to decline in Maharashtra, while Mizoram and Tamil Nadu saw an increase in infections during the week. India recorded 2,315 deaths from the virus in the week, a 10% increase from the number of 2,104 the previous week.
Meanwhile, on Sunday, India reported 30,814 new cases, almost the same number as the previous day (31,242), as Kerala recorded 19,653 new infections. The state had registered 19,352 cases the day before.
There were 295 deaths from the virus, with Kerala reporting 152 deaths, Maharashtra 49, Tamil Nadu 27, Karnataka 16 and Bengal 11.

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