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MUMBAI: It is imperative that educational institutions instill in students strong moral values ​​to face difficult challenges in life, observed the Bombay High Court in rejecting a petition challenging the transfer of a liquor license to a restaurant in the vicinity of a school in Junnar in Pune District.
“… The petitioners should not have formed the opinion that the education provided by their institution was so fragile that students would be easily swayed by a nearby liquor restaurant,” Judge Girish said. Kulkarni in his verdict on Tuesday.
Three social workers who run schools and shelters for tribal students had moved to the HC. The case started when the owner of Moonlight Hotel In the town of Padali Barav, he requested to transfer his liquor license to another location in the urban area of ​​Junnar. After the objections of the petitioners, residents, the Shirur MP and other MLAs, the collector in November 2019 rejected the request, citing the school. Judge Kulkarni said the tax collector’s reasons were given under “apparent political pressure exerted on him.”
The collector’s comments on the investigative officer’s report from March 2019 said that the school’s main entrance was 450 meters from the restaurant. In August 2019, a new gate was found, northwest of the composite wall, at a distance of 144 m and 95 m aerial.
Under the Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules, an establishment of an educational or religious institution must maintain a distance of 75 m. In addition, another hotel had been operating for more than a decade at a distance of 375 m with a similar license and the school had not objected.

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