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NEW DELHI: Matters related to internal security should not be politicized and should be dealt with with better coordination, said the former Inspector General (IG) of Border security force (BSF), BN Sharma.
On Tuesday, the Union Ministry of the Interior has strengthened the powers of the Border Security Force to “arrest, search and seize” within 50 km of the international border in Assam, West Bengal and Punjab.
Speaking to ANI, the former BSG IG said: “Internal security is the top priority and BSF is a professional force in border protection. Jurisdiction of BSF 50 km from the borders of Punjab and Bengal, it will help stop the smuggling of drugs and weapons. BSF always coordinates with the local police in any operation. BSF’s new powers will help them act quickly to stop smuggling or cross border crime. It is a question of internal security and it should not be politicized ”.
“BSF has a mandate to control cross-border crime. And the situation on the western border is different compared to the eastern side. We know how the Punjab was affected during militancy for almost ten years and attempts are being made from the other side. from the border to smuggle weapons and drugs into Indian territory in Punjab. In the current scenario, smugglers are trying to sneak into Indian terrorism. In border security, the situation changes in terms of connectivity and mobility. The extent of jurisdiction BSF will help stop cross-border crime. Act quickly on any cross-border crime, “said Sharma.
the law and order and other issues are the domain of the local or state police, BSF is a border guard force and will act only in case of any cross-border crime, he emphasized.
“We should see or judge developments only in terms of internal security and the move should be welcomed by all. It will further enhance border security,” Sharma added.

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