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Isha Koppikar: Rianna and I love twinning, life is ‘two-riffic’ with her around | Hindi Movie News


From the new to unlock was announced, more people go out to eat and Isha Koppikar Narang, he also caught a precious moment in a restaurant with his daughter Rianna. They went out to eat pizza and what stood out was that they dressed similarly. We spoke to Isha about her twinning style and the fun they had. the Actress says: “I love twinning with my daughter Rianna and in fact, we do it a lot. I make sure to get matching clothes for both of us. Because together we are twice as nice and life is double with her around 😊 “. The two of them enjoyed a pizza, is that their favorite dish? She says:” Well, it was after a while that we did. We love pizzas and what better way to celebrate a Sunday than with pizza and family! We had a 5-grain multigrain pizza with feta cheese. ”

‘My favorite exercise it’s metabolic conditioning ‘
The last few months have not been easy for anyone. Isha has been posting a motivational message on it. Instagram to spread hope and positivity. How has your learning been during this time? Isha reveals: “I think the emergency shutdown has reiterated that the simple things in life are the most important. Life is uncertain, the pandemic came to us like a black swan, but it also made us realize that family time and Health is the most important thing. What we addressed during the confinement was: we take care of our health, we take care of our family, we spend time with our family, we work from home, we eat homemade meals, we focus on ourselves and what it means the most. important for us “.

For someone who stays that fit, we asked him what his preferred workout is. She adds: “My favorite workout is metabolic conditioning. I also started running. It helps me a lot to burn fat faster. I juggle bodyweight exercise, yoga, and running. Sometimes I also do functional training ”.

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