Issuing visas to students who met their vaccination guidelines: India to China | India News

Issuing visas to students who met their vaccination guidelines: India to China |  India News

NEW DELHI: India on Thursday urged China to consider issuing visas and allowing students and professionals to have followed all the guidelines set by the The Chinese embassy to travel.
“As the Chinese side suspended existing visas in March this year, the Chinese embassy issued a notice on facilitating visas for those receiving vaccines manufactured in China. Several Indian nationals have applied for Chinese visas after being vaccinated in this way, but still they have not done it”. issue visas. Since these Indian nationals had complied with the requirement set by the Chinese embassy, ​​we hope that the Chinese embassy will be able to issue Chinese visas soon. ” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi saying.
“Regarding the specific case of China or Chinese visas, currently people from China, including Chinese citizens, can travel to India despite the absence of direct air connectivity; however, for Indian citizens it has not been possible to travel to China since last November, “he added.
The government said it is in contact with China on the matter.
“We have been in contact with the Chinese side in order to seek early resumption of travel for Indian citizens, especially those who work and study there,” he said.
In addition, he affirmed that efforts are being made to help and facilitate students who are in a similar situation and added that he is in contact with the countries on the subject.
“We are aware of the challenges faced by Indian students who are unable to join and return to foreign countries to continue their studies, we have been addressing this issue with the concern of governments as a priority. We have also requested students facing difficulties to be contact MEA, details are available on our website and on social media, “Bagchi said.
China has made it mandatory for people coming from India and 19 other nations to get Covid-19 vaccines made in China if they want to travel to the country.
“In order to resume people-to-people exchanges in an orderly manner, as of March 15, 2021, Chinese embassies and consulates in India will provide people who have received the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine and are in possession of vaccination certificates. “read a notice posted at the Chinese embassy.


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