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NEW DELHI: It is essential that China does not view its relations with India through the lens of a third country, said Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on Friday at the 21st Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Dushanbe.
Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi they met on the sidelines of the Summit and discussed the process of disconnection between the two countries along the Line of Royal Control (LAC). Jaishankar further stated that China and India should set an example of Asian solidarity.
He emphasized that India does not subscribe to any theory of the clash of civilizations. It is also essential that China does not view its relations with India through the lens of a third country. In terms of Asian solidarity, China and India must lead by example. “Jaishankar tweeted.
“I met Chinese FM Wang Yi on the sidelines of SCO Summit in Dushanbe. We discuss the disconnect in our border areas. He stressed that progress in this regard is essential for the restoration of peace and tranquility, which is the basis for the development of bilateral ties, ”added Jaishankar.
Jaishankar noted that since their last meeting on July 14, the two sides had made some progress in solving the remaining problems along LAC in eastern Ladakh and had completed the disconnect in the Gogra area.
“However, there were still some outstanding problems that had to be solved,” reads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs release.
Jaishankar recalled that China’s Foreign Minister Wang had noticed in their last meeting that bilateral relations were on the wane. Both parties had agreed that a prolongation of the existing situation was not in the interest of either party, as it was affecting the relationship in a negative way.
Therefore, he stressed that the two sides should work towards early resolution of the remaining issues throughout LAC in eastern Ladakh, while fully complying with bilateral agreements and protocols.
Jaishankar further stressed that it was necessary to ensure progress in solving outstanding issues to restore peace and tranquility throughout LAC in eastern Ladakh and noted that peace and tranquility in the border areas has been an essential foundation. for progress in bilateral relations.
“In this regard, the ministers agreed that the military and diplomatic officials of the two parties should meet again and continue their discussions to resolve pending issues as soon as possible,” the statement read.
The two ministers agreed to keep in touch.

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