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SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir administration issued a series of instructions to officials on Thursday while conducting periodic character and background checks on government employees, including failing to report any immediate family members associated with any foreign entity hostile to India.
According to a circular issued by the General Administration Department (GAD), all government employees are obliged to maintain absolute integrity, honesty and loyalty to the Union of India and its Constitution and not to do anything that is inappropriate for a government official .
The GAD said that during periodic character and background checks on government employees, officials must report an employee’s involvement in any act of sabotage, espionage, treason, terrorism, subversion, sedition / secession, which facilitates interference. foreign, incitement to violence or any other. unconstitutional act.
The authorities have also been asked to report any employee’s association or sympathy with individuals who are attempting to commit any of the above acts or who are involved in aiding, inciting, or defending the above acts.

The other facets that should be considered include the participation of an individual’s immediate family, the people who share the residential space with the employee to whom he or she may be linked by affection, influence or obligation or involved in any of the acts, directly or indirectly, having the potential to subject the individual to coercion, which represents a serious security risk, according to the circular.
“Failure to inform family members, people who share residential space or associates who are connected with any foreign government, associations, foreign citizens who are known to be directly or indirectly hostile to the national and security interests of India,” it read.
The instructions also include failure to report unauthorized association with a suspected or known collaborator or employee of a foreign intelligence service among the criteria to be followed.
“Reports that indicate that representatives or citizens of a foreign country are acting to increase the vulnerability of the person to possible exploitation or coercion in the future or denounce contacts with citizens of other countries or financial interests in other countries that make a person potentially vulnerable to coercion and exploitation, or pressure from a foreign government, “the circular said.
The GAD said that based on discreet verifications of the above parameters, the administrative departments involved will become aware of a list of adversely reported employees received by the government from time to time, which will then immediately report it to the General Administration Department.
“In the event that such employee (s) must be promoted, their cases will be suspended immediately. In addition, such cases will be submitted to the UT Level Selection Committee set up for this purpose, for a decision.
“Upon confirmation of the adverse report by the UT Level Assessment Committee, additional action will be taken against the adversely reported employee (s), which may include termination of government services,” it added.
The UT Level Assessment Committee’s decision may be reviewed by the Review Committee, with reference to it by the UT Level Assessment Committee or on behalf of any aggrieved employee, the GAD said.

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