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Jugal hansraj He enchanted fans with his performance on ‘Mohabbatein’ and two decades later, he continues to fascinate fans with his presence. A video that is widely shared on Instagram captures Jugal Hansraj performing an impromptu concert at ‘Aankhein Khuli’ while on set for another filming. Looking smooth in a suit, the actor performed the song’s iconic hook step, but soon revealed that he doesn’t remember the rest of the choreography. Jugal Hansraj’s performance was widely acclaimed by all.

‘Mohabbatein’ released in 2010 and featured Shahrukh khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Uday Chopra, Shamita shetty, Kim Sharma, Jimmy Shergill and Preeti Jhangiani in leading roles.

Sharing fond memories of the film, Jugal Hansraj had previously told ETimes: “I have many fond memories of that film. Of course, I was very excited to share screen space with Big B. Working with him was great as I was able to witness his discipline and punctuality. I remember Jimmy (Sheirgill), Uday (Chopra) and I used to be on the sets at the appointed time, but Mr. Bachchan was already there on the sets long before the call time, ready in makeup and costume. Despite being a superstar, he was always on the sets before the time he was asked, which blew us away; it was a learning experience. He also came prepared with his lines, he was never embarrassed to be standing in the heat even though he always wore a coat, and he only went to his truck during lunch or tea time. ”

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