Kamaal R Khan reveals star kids are planning to leave India after the Aryan Khan incident | Hindi Movie News


The ongoing case of Shahrukh khanson of Aryan KhanThe alleged involvement in the cruise drug bust case has shaken the industry to the core.

According to Kamaal R Khan, many star children plan to leave the country because now they fear it could happen to them too.

Check out his tweet here:

He wrote: ‘According to my sources, many famous children are planning to leave India after the #AryanKhan incident! They believe that if it can happen with #Aryan, then it can happen with anyone! ‘

Earlier, KRK He had tweeted about how he stands with the superstar staunchly in these tough times. He wrote: ‘If someone tries to humiliate Shahrukh Khan @iamsrk with false accusations, then I support him wholeheartedly. #istandwithsrk ‘

Check out his tweets here:

He had also asked the media to stop badmouthing the young star. “Dear media, if you are badmouthing the relationship between Aryan and SRK, then you are hitting below the belt. Imagine if someone speaks ill of you and your children’s relationship. So please stop her. ”

Since their arrest, Shah Rukh and Aryan have received support from all sides. The last Bollywood celebrities to visit the superstar and his family at his residence were Salman khan together with his father Salim khan.

Aryan Khan, along with others, was arrested by the Office of Narcotics Control (NCB) after they robbed a cruise ship bound for Goa in Mumbai. its bail today the guilty plea will be heard in the Mumbai court of sessions.

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