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SRINAGAR: cashmere it will never become Pakistan as we are part of India and will remain so even if I am killed, President of the National Conference (NC), Farooq Abdullah said here Wednesday.
Speaking at a condolence meeting for Supinder kaur Abdullah, the fallen principal of a government school in Eidgah who was shot to death by terrorists on October 7, in a gurdwara here, said that the people of Kashmir must be brave and fight the murderers together.
“We have to fight these beasts. This (Kashmir) will never become Pakistan, remember. We are part of India and we will continue to be part of India no matter what. They can’t change it even if they shoot me. ”Abdullah, member of Lok Sabha from Srinagar, he said.
Expressing sorrow at Kaur’s murder, he said that the Sikh The community did not leave the Kashmir Valley in the 1990s when others left out of fear and asked them not to panic now.
We have to keep morale high and be brave, he said.
“We all have to fight together against them with courage and not be afraid. You (Sikhs) were the only community that stayed here when everyone left. I’m proud that you haven’t left here. Killing a teacher who was teaching young students does not serve Islam. They were serving the devil, ”he said.
Speaking to journalists outside the gurdwara, the North Carolina president said: “They (the militants) will never succeed and they will fail in their plans. But all of us, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, we have to unite to fight against them ”.
Abdullah said there is a “storm of hatred” across India and communities – Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs – “are splitting.”
“This divisive policy must stop, otherwise India will cease to exist. If we have to save India, then we all have to live together and only then will it move forward, “he said.
Asked about the leader Devender Frog Abdullah, who left the NC and joined the BJP, said: “People come and go. It is not a big problem”.

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