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SRINAGAR: New attacks against minorities in Kashmir in recent days sparked an exodus for Kashmir Pandits with dozens of families who fled the valley on Friday, the day after the murder of two public school teachers, one of them a Kashmiri pundit and the other a Kashmiri Sikh. Surprised by the new terrorist attack on minority communities (four murders in three days), many other families are preparing to leave the valley in the coming days.
Dozens of Kashmiri pandit families were seen leaving Sheikhpora, a town that was established exclusively in Budgam district in 2003 to bring back and rehabilitate the pandits. Sharda Devi, who was living with her son and daughter-in-law in the group after her son got a job under a special package launched by the Prime Minister in 2015, said they had booked a taxi for early Saturday morning when they planned to travel. leave your home quietly.
Another pundit from Kashmir said he did not have the courage to leave the town after the recent killings. “We are safe inside this colony, since it has adequate security, but we cannot go out to work. Some of us have to go to offices and we can’t stay home all the time like this, ”he said, requesting anonymity.
Kashmiri Pandit families who had returned to the valley hoped to rebuild their lives after their children got government jobs and the government assigned them flats in Sheikhpura. But the targeted killings have left them in a state of despair.
Kashmiri Pandit, 51, who moved from Shopian with her family, said: “We had not left the valley even in the worst moments of the 1990s, but the targeted killing of minority communities has now forced us to emigrate. from here.”
An inconsolable Kanta Devi, mother of the murdered school teacher Deepak Chand, said the government could not guarantee the safety of her son, who had come to Kashmir to earn a living and paid with his life. Kanta Devi had emigrated from the Valley in the 1990s.
Chand’s cousin, Vicky Mehra, said that Kashmir is “hell for us, not heaven.” “It is the return of the 1990 situation in the valley. The government has not protected us, ”he said, adding that he tried to call Chand on his cell phone after he learned of the attack, but it was not possible. “Later, a terrorist took a call from the family and also threatened us,” he said.
Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti President Sanjay Tiku told PTI: “Around 500 people or more have started leaving from different areas like Budgam, Anantnag and Pulwama. There are some non-Kashmiri pundit families who have also left. It’s 1990 revised … It may seem invisible, but the migration continues and I was anticipating this. We had requested an appointment at the Lieutenant Governor’s office in June, but so far we have not been given time. ”
Another Kashmiri Pandit organization said that some community employees, who were provided government jobs under a rehabilitation package in 2010-11, began moving to Jammu in quiet fear for their lives, claiming that the administration did not was able to provide them with a safe environment.
Meanwhile, the administration has granted a 10-day holiday to minority community employees, official sources said.
Thousands of people took part in a demonstration on Friday, held under the banner of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Forum (JKPF) and raised slogans against Pakistan. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and Jagran Manch also held demonstrations against the incidents, while members of the Kashmiri Pandit community protested in Purkhoo, Butanagar and Muthi.

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