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khan: Ayesha Shroff speaks up on the settlement of her business dispute with Sahil Khan – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News


This afternoon, the Bombay High Court has annulled the two FIRs submitted by Jackie Shroff‘wife Ayesha shroff in Mumbai against the actor Sahil khan, on charges of cheating and criminal intimidation, a business dispute in 2015. A bank of Judges SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar annulled the two FIRs that were searched by Bandra police, after Sahil’s attorney and Ayesha told the court that they had settled the dispute between them amicably.

Speaking exclusively to ETimes a few minutes ago, Ayesha said: “It was an out-of-court settlement. But let me tell you that I dropped the cases 5 years ago. It has come to light only now simply because the annulment happened today. There is a procedure that had to be followed after the withdrawal of the complaint and that it took time “.

Investigating further if there were any monetary transactions involved in the settlement, Ayesha said that she cannot dwell on that or the reasons why she took the step of withdrawing what she had previously submitted because “There is an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between the two parties which prohibits these things from going out. ”

Ayesha reportedly told the HC that while she had also raised an issue of non-payment of Khan’s dues worth more than 4 million rupees in her complaint, she had decided not to pursue the claim or any other accusations made in the two FIRs.

The court accepted statements from both parties and annulled the two FIRs, noting that the case appeared to have arisen out of a “commercial dispute.” However, he imposed a cost of 1 lakh rupees on Khan and said the money will go to the Maharashtra child welfare committee for the “welfare of children in the care of the state.”

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