khan: ‘He is a busy man’: Imran Khan on no phone call from Joe Biden


NEW DELHI: Almost eight months have passed and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has yet to receive a courtesy phone call from the US President. Joe biden.
When asked about the absence of a phone call from Biden during a CNN interview, the Prime Minister of Pakistan replied: “He is a busy man.”
“But our relationship with the United States does not just depend on a phone call, it must be a multidimensional relationship,” Khan added. However, blaming the president of the United States that there is no telephone exchange between the two leaders, Imran said that Biden should be asked “why is he too busy to call.”
Meanwhile, Khan also commented on the “terrible” relationship with the United States that has been disastrous for Pakistan and how it is now seeking a more pragmatic approach to dealing with Afghanistannew leaders.
“We (Pakistan) were like a gun for hire,” Khan said. “We were supposed to make them (the United States) win the war in Afghanistan, which we never could.”
Khan said he repeatedly warned US officials that the United States would not be able to achieve its objectives militarily and that it would “be trapped there.” He said the United States should have attempted a political settlement with the Taliban from a “position of strength”, at the height of his presence in Afghanistan, not while he was withdrawing.

Pakistan has other options

“The president of the United States has not spoken with the prime minister of a country so important that, according to the United States itself, is decisive in some cases, in some way, in Afghanistan; We have a hard time understanding the signal, right? ? “Pakistan National Security Advisor Moeed yusuf I had told the Financial times in an interview last month.
“If a phone call is a concession, if a security relationship is a concession, Pakistan has options,” Pakistan said. NSA additional.
However, he did not explain what those options are for Pakistan and whether Pakistan will exercise its “options” so that its prime minister does not receive a courtesy call from the US president.
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