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MUMBAI: After a one-day hearing on Aryan’s bail request KhanThe 23-year-old son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, the trial judge reserved the order on Thursday and is likely to approve it on October 20.
Khan will be housed in the Arthur Road Jail. The special prosecutor of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), ASG Anil Singh, invoked Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom fighters to argue that the threat of drugs cannot be allowed in the land for whose freedom they fought. Senior Attorney Amit Desai as Aryan Khan responded, saying that as part of the fight for freedom, they also fought for freedom, fundamental rights and the doctrine of the rule of law and the need to comply with the law and constitutional principles. “We cannot take young children who are at the bottom of the food chain as consumers and put them in jail,” Desai said. The hearing was before a room packed with special NDPS judges VV Patil.
The judge asked for the case documents. The court has also reserved the order on two other bail requests – those of Khan’s friend. Arbaaz Merchant, 26, and Munmun Dhamecha, 28 a model from Madhya Pradesh.
Singh, who concluded his filings on Thursday, said the bail bond was ill-conceived at this stage as investigations are still ongoing and the agency is seeking help from the Foreign Ministry to investigate Khan’s alleged foreign contact and the talks to investigate an alleged international connection. He also said that since there is a commercial amount of drugs recovered from other defendants, the bail bonds would apply under Section 37 of the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS). The section makes it difficult to post a bond when a crime involves commercial amounts. The ASG also denied Khan’s claims of non-possession, saying that since Merchant was found with charas and they both admitted wanting to smoke it, it became their “conscious possession.”
Desai said that not only was no drug found in Khan, but the alleged statements, both retracted, at best speak of the future use of small amounts of charas, a legal drug in many countries for small amounts. Desai added: “Abdul Shaikh was named by another defendant with whom Khan and Merchant have no connection, and cannot be dragged or be part of such a conspiracy now that his arrest did not involve any accusation of complicity or conspiracy.”
Singh said NCB can invoke Section 29 of the NDPS Act (conspiracy) at any stage during the investigation. Desai denied the allegations, saying: “It is false to say that he (Khan) is involved in any drug trafficking or drug chain and it is an inherently absurd accusation.”
To Singh’s assertion that NCB is a responsible agency and doing its job, Desai said, “I totally agree with Singh about the great work NCB is doing.” He added: “Not just in India, but around the world, there is a drug threat that needs to be addressed. Congratulations to the department, they say they even put their lives in danger to protect society, but freedom is also of the utmost importance and attention should be paid to the reform doctrine. ”

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