khan: Opposition slams Imran Khan over fuel price hike in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: PakistanOpposition parties on Thursday criticized the government for rising fuel prices.
Pakistan People’s Party (PP) President Bilawal Bhuto-Zardari said Prime Minister Imran Khan it has let the people of the country down by raising gasoline prices to the highest level in the country’s history.
“When the value of the dollar and the price of gasoline are at the highest level in history, everything is out of reach of the people,” said the head of the PPP, Dawn reported.
“Billions of rupees raised from rising oil product prices will be squandered by this incapable PTI government,” he added.
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb called on Prime Minister Khan not to scoff at the misery people face after gasoline prices rose.
“The people of Pakistan have no money to buy flour and sugar for their survival and Imran he wants them to buy horses and bicycles, “he added.
The new prices for gasoline in Pakistan will be Rs 123.30 per liter and diesel will be Rs 120.04 per liter after the hike. Gasoline and diesel prices rose by 5 rupees across the country, The News reported.

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