Kingston Technology launches new gaming brand, Kingston FURY

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Kingston Technology launches new gaming brand, Kingston FURY

NEW DELHI: Kingston Technology has announced the name of its new gaming brand: Kingston FURY. The company has changed the name of its DRAM, flash and SSD line of play in Kingston SKIN.
Kingston will soon introduce its full line of Kingston FURY DDR4 and DDR3 offerings. Later in the year, it plans to release DDR5 memory modules that are currently said to be undergoing compatibility and qualification testing with motherboard vendors.
Kingston FURY will consist of the following product categories:
* Kingston FURY Renegade
* Kingston FURY Beast
* Kingston’s FURY Impact
“We are very proud to introduce the new Kingston FURY brand that represents the highest performing memory modules for PC enthusiasts and gamers,” the company said in a statement. “Kingston’s core strength and global leadership as a manufacturer of quality flash and DRAM solutions brings resources and enthusiasm to the brand and strongly demonstrates our dedication to both performance and reliability,” the statement added.


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