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Lawyer for Prince Andrew vows he’ll fight ‘baseless’ lawsuit


NEW YORK: A New Britain Lawyer Prince Andrew said Monday that royalty had not properly received a copy of a new lawsuit filed by a woman who says she was forced to have sex with him at age 17, and that she intends to challenge jurisdiction in the case.
Hollywood attorney Andrew Brettler went on the offensive against Virginia Giuffre, telling a New York judge that his claim was “unfounded, unworkable and potentially illegal.”
Andrew has repeatedly denied the allegations in the lawsuit brought by Giuffre, who said that as a teenager living in Florida he was one of many girls and young women sexually abused by the convicted millionaire sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein.
In her lawsuit and in interviews, Giuffre says she traveled to London with Epstein in 2001 and had sex with Andrew, after a night of dancing, at the home of British high society. Ghislaine maxwell. Giuffre has said that Epstein paid him $ 15,000 and then arranged for him to have two more sexual encounters with the prince in New York and the US Virgin Islands.
The Associated Press does not typically identify people who claim to be victims of sexual assault unless they choose to come forward publicly, as Giuffre has done.
Andrew has denied the allegations and said in an interview that he does not recall meeting Giuffre, although at least one photograph appears to show them together. Andrew has said that he was “lost to explain” the image, which appears to show his hand on the woman’s side, and suggested that it may have been tampered with.
Brettler told the judge that the lawsuit against Andrew, who is the Duke of York, is prohibited by an earlier settlement agreement that remains sealed “relieves the Duke and others of any potential liability.” He added that Andrew intends to ask the High Court of Great Britain to intervene in the matter.
“We have significant concerns about the appropriateness of this lawsuit,” said Brettler, whose clients include several celebrities accused of sexual misconduct.
Giuffre previously settled a lawsuit against Maxwell over his allegations. Maxwell is now awaiting trial in the US on charges that he helped recruit young victims to be abused by Epstein. That case doesn’t involve Giuffre or Andrew. Epstein committed suicide weeks after his arrest in 2019.
Brettler presented a procedural argument on Andrew’s behalf on Monday at the case’s first pre-trial conference, saying on Monday that Giuffre’s legal team had failed to take the necessary steps to initiate the case, including providing Andrew with a copy of the claim. Giuffre’s attorneys say the documents were delivered to a police officer on duty at the front doors of Andrew’s home in Windsor Great Park on August 27.
US District Judge Lewis kaplan He did not immediately rule on the matter, but told the attorneys that any bureaucratic hurdles regarding servicing the lawsuit would eventually be resolved and the case would be litigated.
“I think we are making this a lot more complicated than it really is,” said the judge. ” Let’s get rid of all the technicalities and get to the bottom of it. ”

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