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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen blame each other for Monza crash | Racing News


Formula One rivals for the title Lewis hamilton and Max verstappen they pulled each other out of Italian Grand Prix on Sunday, with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff calling the incident a “tactical foul.”
Red Bull and championship leader Verstappen saw it differently and accused seven-time world champion Hamilton of not leaving enough room in the first chicane.
The collision ended on the gravel with Verstappen’s car wedged into the top of the Brit, the Halo head protection device proved its worth again with both drivers clambering in pain but unharmed.

“The stewards are going to decide who is to blame,” Wolff said after a race that ended in a McLaren one-two with Australian Daniel Ricciardo as the winner.
“I would say it was a tactical foul. He probably knew that if Lewis stayed ahead, it would possibly be the victory of the race.”
Verstappen had started the day five points clear of Hamilton after finishing second in Saturday’s sprint race for a two-point bonus.
The Dutch driver was running second, but lost 11 seconds in a slow pit stop that left him in 10th place, while Hamilton passed Norris to take the lead with Ricciardo already in the pits.
Hamilton pitted three laps after Verstappen and then they went wheel-to-wheel, with the cars making contact and the Red Bull taking off from the curb and into the air.
“It landed on my head, but I’ll be fine,” said a pained Hamilton.
“I was running as hard as I could, I finally got past (McLaren) Lando (Norris) and I was in the lead, so they put me in the pits. The pitstop was slow, I lost a couple of seconds and got out. Daniel passed, Max was coming. .
“I made sure to leave him the width of a car on the outside, I went into turn one and I went ahead and I went into turn two and then all of a sudden he was on top of me.
“He just didn’t want to give in today and knew when he was going to break into two what was going to happen … but he still did,” the Briton told Sky Sports television.
Verstappen said he had turned around outside and “kept squeezing me.
“I wanted to run … I didn’t expect him to keep pushing, squeezing, squeezing. He didn’t even need to. If he had left me just one car width, we would have raced out of turn two anyway. And I think I’d probably still be in front .
“But he kept pushing me further and at one point there was nowhere to go.”
Both were called up to stewards after the race.
“I think our opinion would be that Lewis maybe closed it too much in turn two,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.
“I am disappointed that Toto said it was a professional foul, but I think it is a racing incident and luckily no one was injured today.”
Rivals for the title collided earlier this season, especially at the British Grand Prix in Hamilton, when Verstappen ended up in hospital for tests and Hamilton took the victory.
“It was clear to Max that it would end in an accident,” Wolff said. “If we don’t handle it the right way, and I’m sure the stewards will see it the right way, this will continue.
“We had a high-speed crash at Silverstone, we had one car that ended up on top of the other, on Lewis’s head here. So how far can we go? Maybe next time we’ll have a high-speed crash and land on each one. of them. other. ”
Wolff said Hamilton’s car was damaged throughout the halo and that the wheel had been on the Briton’s head.

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