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MUMBAI: The government of Maharashtra announced on Wednesday an aid of 10 billion rupees for farmers whose crops were damaged by heavy rains in the state. Chief Minister of State Uddhav Thackeray, CM attached Ajit pawar, who is in charge of the finance department, and the minister of PWD Ashok chavan made the announcement jointly here in Mumbai.
Agricultural Crops on more than 55 lakh hectares of land have been damaged due to heavy rains between June and October this year. To provide assistance to farmers, the Maharashtra government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs 10 billion to affected farmers, “the government said in a statement.
Farmers who have lost their crops due to heavy rains will be compensated, he said.
Regardless of the size of their land, farmers will receive compensation for damage to crops on up to two hectares of land, according to the statement.
The state government has decided not to wait for further instructions regarding the NDRF (National Disaster Relief Fund) for the disbursement of the aid, according to the statement.
For damage to crops on non-irrigated land, farmers will get Rs 10,000 per hectare, while for damage to crops on irrigated land, they will get Rs 15,000 per hectare.
For multi-year crops, including those pertaining to horticulture, affected farmers will get 25,000 rupees per hectare, according to the statement.

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