Mamata Banerjee: Mukul Roy’s Return to the Trinamool Congress Evokes Mixed Reactions at BJP | India News

Mamata Banerjee: Mukul Roy's Return to the Trinamool Congress Evokes Mixed Reactions at BJP |  India News

NEW DELHI: National Vice President of BJP Mukul royReturn to Trinamool Congress evoked mixed reactions from the saffron brigade on Friday. While some senior leaders chose to ignore the blow to the party, there were those who branded him a traitor.
Roy, who was a close associate of the Prime Minister of West Bengal and Supreme of TMC Mamata banerjee, until he left and joined the BJP in 2017, he may have been a prized catch by the central BJP leadership who was trying to establish the spread of the party in the state. But, the party’s state unit had not welcomed it with open arms, as they were pushed aside to some extent by the central leaders, who needed to break into TMC’s stronghold with the help of Roy’s insight and grip on the I usually. There were many who had been unhappy and apprehensive about his entry into BJP, as Roy was BJP’s main target to smear TMC for corruption for his ties to the Sharada and Narada scams.
According to sources close to Roy, he was prevented from leaving his home in Calcutta by central paramilitary security personnel attached to him on Friday afternoon when he was on his way to Trinamool Bhawan to meet with Mamata Banerjee’s party. It was learned that he was told that there are instructions not to let him leave the premises of his house, for security reasons. “However, when Roy insisted on leaving with his son, there was a fight between security personnel and Roy’s own people before he could leave for TMC headquarters,” according to TMC sources.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the state head of the BJP Dilip ghosh stated that the measure will have no impact on his organization, and former TMC deputy and BJP member Anupam Hazra stated that “the lobbying policy at stake is negatively affecting the party.” Ghosh said he was not sure if the BJP would lose anything with Roy’s decision, given that he was “not sure if we won anything” with his entry three and a half years ago. “Right now, we are concerned about more serious issues as the cycle of violence continues unabated in the state. We are concerned about the safety of our workers, who are being targeted by TMC activists,” he said.
Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, declined to get involved, and declined a comment when asked about Roy’s departure from BJP to return to TMC, during a press conference he was holding.
Roy’s entry into BJP started a whole series of migration from TMC to BJP and created a division within the Bengal BJP unit between the original BJP members and the new entrants. Indeed, this division that developed during the elections, especially in terms of ticket distribution, appears to have hurt the saffron party, which lost to TMC.
The vice president of the BJP state unit, Joyprakash Majumder, for his part, expressed his best wishes to Roy and said that he should immediately resign from all positions in the saffron party. “Mukul babu is a veteran leader, he is a known face in Bengal politics. We wish him the best on his new entries, but shouldn’t he immediately resign from the main membership and all other BJP positions? Should he not resign as the MLA as he had won a seat in the Lotus (BJP), “Majumder said.


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