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Mamata terms Pegasus spy scandal as worse than Watergate, exhorts people to protest | India News


CALCUTTA: Prime Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee claimed Thursday that the Pegasus spyware scandal, which broke out earlier this week, was “worse than the Watergate scandal” that occurred during Nixon’s presidency in the United States and called the use of spyware a “super emergency”.
The prime minister called on civil society, students, the media to stand up in protest against the misuse of spyware.
Banerjee also noted that those who installed the spyware knew the details of the election strategy meetings he held with Prashant Kishor.
“Pegasus is worse than the Watergate scandal; it is a super emergency,” Banerjee told a news conference at the secretary of state here. The Watergate scandal initially involved a clandestine raid on the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington, but eventually included the misuse of security agents and the Internal Revenue Service in a political battle.
She also said that even the RSS, considered the ideological father of the BJP did not get rid of the espionage offer.
“They (the BJP leadership) don’t even trust their own officers and ministers,” he said, adding “I’ve heard the phones of various RSS people tapped.”
Pegasus spyware developed by an Israeli company was allegedly used to infect the mobile phones of hundreds of journalists, politicians, both from the ruling and opposition parties, as well as bureaucrats and others, in an attempt to spy on them.
“Details of a meeting (on electoral strategy) in my office with package (strategist Prashant Kishor) was known to those who installed surveillance (spyware), ”said the prime minister. If a person’s phone is under surveillance “that means those who speak to the person are also under surveillance,” he said.
The prime minister recently managed to win the high-voltage electoral battle for the Bengal assembly, despite facing off against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a galaxy of top BJP leaders. Accusing the current Modi-led central government of behaving “like Hitler”, the prime minister said that they “are (trying to) scare the media, trying to capture the judiciary.”
Showing a leucoplast stuck to the speaker of his phone, he said: “This is a symbolic protest. Civil society, students, the media, everyone should protest. This (spying) is nothing more than a usurpation of privacy, since Pegasus spyware can even invade WhatsApp. ”
“Should they keep our phones frozen? The world cannot function this way, “he said.
“The Press club, Editors Guild, Everyone should join. BJP is trying to scare the media by broadcasting the news it wants to some channels, “he said.
Banerjee said it was the duty of the Prime Minister or the Home Secretary to make a statement in Parliament “when a major scandal occurs (such as an alleged misuse of Pegasus spyware).”
She claimed that instead of doing so “they are crushing people who raise their voices. They are trying to muzzle the voice of Dainik bhaskar who raised his voice against the bad government of the BJP “.
Income tax authorities raided the offices of Dainik Bhaskar on Thursday for alleged tax evasion.
“Their game is dangerous. This autocracy will not be supported by the people of India,” he said.

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