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Man on deathbed, wife gets sperm preserved | India News


VADODARA: The sperm of a 29-year-old man who is fighting a losing battle against Covid-19 has been collected and preserved in a hospital in Vadodara. The patient is on life support.
His wife had moved to the Gujarat HC on Monday, pleading for her sperm to be conserved so that she could conceive through IVF if you can’t.
He had to move the court as a slope Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill stipulates that no man ‘sperm can be obtained without your consent. The hospital management had insisted on a court order in the absence of consent. After hearing the allegation, the HC directed on Tuesday to the Sterling hospital to preserve sperm.
He had initially rejected her request because the patient is not in a position to give her consent. It has been affected by a multiple organ failure. “In accordance with the procedure, we advise the wife,” he said Anil Nambiar, zonal director of Sterling Hospitals. “The testicular sperm extraction started around 8 pm and the surgical procedure ended around 8:30 pm. The sperm was collected and stored in the laboratory, he said, adding that sperm can be preserved for a long time. However, the court has not granted permission to proceed with artificial insemination until new orders are issued. You will likely hear the case on Thursday.

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