May records the second highest rainfall in 121 years; no significant heat wave spell: IMD | India News

May records the second highest rainfall in 121 years;  no significant heat wave spell: IMD |  India News

NEW DELHI: May received the second highest rainfall in 121 years, the Indian Meteorological Department (IM D) said in its monthly report Thursday, attributing two consecutive cyclones and western shocks to record rainfall.
He also said that at 34.18 degrees Celsius, the average high temperature over India in May was the fourth lowest since 1901.
The lowest recorded temperature in May was 32.68 degrees Celsius in 1917. The lowest temperature since 1977, when it was 33.84 degrees Celsius, said the IMD.
No significant heat wave was observed during the month in any part of India, he said.
Rainfall over the country as a whole for the month of May 2021 shows that it has registered 107.9 millimeters, 74% more than its long-term average (LPA) of 62 mm.
“Precipitation over India during the month of May was the second highest since 1901. The highest precipitation occurred in 1990 (110.7 mm),” the IMD said in its monthly report for May.
You can saw the formation of a cyclone each in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
Tauktae formed over the Arabian Sea and developed into an “extremely severe cyclonic storm.” It hit the Gujarat coast on May 17 after hitting states along the western coast.
Cyclone ‘Yaas’ developed over the Bay of Bengal and intensified to become a ‘very severe cyclonic storm’. Hit the Odisha coast on May 26 and also affected West Bengal.
These two systems brought rains not only to the states along the western and eastern coasts, but also to other parts of the country. For example, when Cyclone ‘Tauktae’ weakened, it headed towards northern India, causing rains in various parts of northern India.
Similarly, ‘Yaas’ brought rains over eastern India, including Jharkhand, Bihar as he weakened.
The IMD said that in the three months of summer 2021, the frequencies of western disturbance activities in northern India were higher than normal.
In March, April and May 2021, it was seven, nine and eight respectively compared to the normal 4-6 WD, the IMD added.
The Western Riots are cyclonic storms that originate in the Mediterranean, traverse Central Asia and hit northern India. They are critical to northwestern India as they are a major source of snow and rain during winters.
As in March and April 2021, the heat wave conditions in May 2021 were occasional and also for shorter periods in a very small region.
“There was no significant heat wave during the month in the country except in northwestern Rajasthan, where it was observed for two days on May 29-30,” IMD said.


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