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BAREILLY: Lakhimpur Kheri Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) denied Union Minister Ajay bail on Wednesday Mishrason Ashish, accused of murdering four farmers and a journalist during a farmers’ protest on 3 October.
The special investigation team (SIT DOWN) investigating the violence made two more arrests Wednesday: Ashish’s friend Ankit Das, owner of the black Fortuner in the three-car convoy that allegedly ran over the farmers that day, and a man identified as Lateef, who was reportedly part of the convoy and fired into the air.
Ashish Mishra and his assistant Ashish Pandey, who were arrested last week, had moved the CJM seeking bail. “We opposed their requests. Chief Judge Chinta Ram denied them bail,” said special prosecutor SP Yadav. TOI.
SIT officials said they are “gathering evidence and arresting people based on what comes up.” They interrogated Ashish Mishra during the day, but did not take him to the scene of the killings. His preventive detention will end on Friday morning. At one point, he was questioned along with Das, who had submitted a surrender request to the CJM on Tuesday, but turned himself in to the SIT in the city of Lakhimpur on Wednesday. The SIT had said it was “looking” for Das, a Lucknow-based contractor who is the nephew of former congressional deputy Akhilesh Das and said he is now working closely with BJP. Arrested with Das on Wednesday was Lateef, a Sardhan resident in Kheri, who had also submitted a declaration of surrender.
“Das and Lateef were arrested and presented to the court. They were placed in judicial custody for 14 days. The judge heard our request for pretrial detention and they were granted three days,” Yadav said. The SIT also introduced Shekhar Bharti, the other suspect the investigation team had said was “on the trail”, and also secured three-day protective custody of him.
Yadav added: “Das’s lawyer had filed a separate application saying that he suffers from various diseases and has a slipped disc. Therefore, the lawyer said, he should remain in a facility outside the jail. He filed a court ruling. Supreme on such cases. Taking into account this request, the judge wrote to the superintendent of the prison (Lakhimpur Kheri) to consider the special needs of Das. ”
With this, the SIT has arrested six in the case so far: Ashish Mishra, Das, Pandey, Lovekush Frog, Bharti and Lateef. No person who was in the convoy’s third car, a white Scorpio, has yet been officially identified or arrested.
Meanwhile, UP Law Minister Brajesh Pathak met with the families of two people in the convoy who died: BJP worker Shubham Mishra and driver Hariom Mishra. The two of them, along with the BJP worker Shyam sundar, were among the eight killed in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence. All three were identified as accused by the SIT.

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