Mizoram minister offers cash for baby boom to counter ‘influx of illegals’ | India News


AIZAWL: Mizoram Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte distributed 2.5 lakh rupees to 17 women who gave birth to more children at a function held in their constituency of Aizawl East-II on Tuesday.
Royte said the incentive to have more children came in line with the “push for more children” launched by different church denominations and the central committee of the church. Young Mizo Association (AND MA).
Ngurauvi from Tuithiang Town, who had 15 children (eight daughters and seven sons), won the highest award and received a commendation along with 1 lakh of rupees in cash. Next was Lianthangi from the town of Chhinga Veng, a mother of 13, who was given a summons and Rs 30,000 in cash. Two women and a man, who have 12 children each, received the third prize and a cash incentive of Rs 20,000 each, while 12 women, with eight children each, received consolation prizes of Rs 5,000 and citations.
The YMA has said that increasing the population is the need of the moment for the survival of the mizos. Churches and some civil societies have been disturbed by the low population growth rate among the Mizos, while the growth rate of the Chakma community, which resides in the southwestern parts of the state contiguous to Bangladesh, is extremely high.
Many people from Mizo claimed that the high growth rate among Chakmas, brand foreigners, was always high due to the large influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Mizoram’s population density of 52 people / km2 is well below the national average of 382, ​​they said.

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