Mohammed Siraj has shown remarkable improvement, should play the WTC final: Harbhajan Singh | Cricket news

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Mohammed Siraj has shown remarkable improvement, should play the WTC final: Harbhajan Singh |  Cricket news

NEW DELHI: Pacer Mohammed sirajThe “remarkable improvement” should be rewarded with a place in the 11th player in the World Test Championship final against New Zealand, acknowledges the former player from India. Harbhajan Singh.
Harbhajan also says young starter Shubman gill he must get back to his rhythm after a cheap race against England and in the IPL at home, as a good start is paramount in the favorable sewing and swing conditions in England.
When asked about his preferred team combination for the final, Harbhajan gave his reason why he feels Siraj can overtake Ishant for a place in the final XI.

“If I was the captain, I’d go with three pure fast pitchers. In that case, Jasprit bumrah Y Mohammed shami choose themselves. In this final, I would like to go with Mohammed Siraj before Ishant sharma“Harbhajan told PTI on Thursday.
“Ishant is a brilliant bowler, but for this game, my pick is Siraj, who has shown remarkable improvement in the last two years.”
For Harbhajan, a player’s current form should always be taken into account and that’s where Siraj, whose five-field tour in Brisbane was crucial in India’s series win, should have a look.

“You have to look at the current scenario. Siraj’s form, pace, and confidence make him a better choice for this final match. The kind of form he’s been in for the last six months, he looks like a bowler who’s hungry for your opportunities. ” Ishant has suffered some injuries lately, but he has undoubtedly been a great servant of Indian cricket, “said the spinner.
“If you leave some grass on the surface, Siraj with his pace will be lethal. Believe me, New Zealand hitters won’t find it easy as not only does he hit the platform, but he can also move the ball off the field at a rate fast. He can create awkward angles for batsmen, “observed India’s third tallest player in test cricket.
What has impressed Harbhajan the most is this year’s IPL, where Siraj upset Andre Russell during a Kolkata Knight Riders game against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

“I saw it during 2019 when Russell threw it to all corners of the field. This year I saw him throw some really accurate Yorkers and constantly hit the right spot ball after ball. The pace has also increased.
“Russell was outpaced for a couple of deliveries. It’s the confidence he gained playing for India. He was looking into the eyes of the hitters and the hitters are on the defensive.”
At Gill, Harbhajan believes that the talented Punjab boy would have certainly worked on his flaws and expected him to come out in full force for the next three months in England.

“A good first-inning score of 375 to 400 will set up the game very well for the Indian attack. But for that, Gill needs to hit well. Rohit has had enormous success with the white ball in England during the World Cup and is an experienced player.
“You don’t want a situation where virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara each time go into 15 for 2. It must also give a start that allows them to build and consolidate. ”
The cold conditions in Southampton may not be too conducive to spinners and the field is expected to remain solid throughout the course, but Harbhajan feels that two spinners in a five-man attack is the way to go if Hardik pandya It’s not there.
“You play two spinners when the weather is warmer. The cracks will appear and both will be effective. If you stay on the colder side, the field, which consists mainly of black earth, will not break.”
“They can make a final decision taking into account the weather just before the game and also taking into account the five-day forecast. I don’t see a case for four pacemakers without Hardik Pandya in the setup. You can only play four pacemakers if the court doesn’t match. can distinguish from gardens, “he explained.
The 103-test veteran believes Ravindra JadejaBatting skills and spinning ability make him an automatic choice for number seven.
“If you look at Jaddu’s batting performances in England, he’s as good as any. He’s several half centuries old and he’s a first-class bowling operator. The moment you don’t have Hardik to balance, Jaddu automatically fits in.” He said. .
Also the fact that two spinners will give Kohli a chance to rotate fast pitchers for short, effective bursts.
“But yeah, it’s still a question how much will come into play if it’s cold, as there might not be much help from the surface. Two spinners always give you a chance to rotate your fast pitchers while playing four fast men, which means that one will definitely do. sub-bowling. ”


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