‘More will join Trinamool …’: Mamata welcomes Mukul Roy, describes criteria for ‘ghar wapsi’ | India News

'More will join Trinamool ...': Mamata welcomes Mukul Roy, describes criteria for 'ghar wapsi' |  India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of West Bengal Mamata banerjee on Friday he welcomed his former close assistant Mukul roy into the BJP party fold and claimed that more Saffron Party leaders will join Trinamool in the days to come.
Mukul Roy was the first great Trinamool leader poached by the BJP almost four years ago in 2017. Before the assembly elections earlier this year, several Trinamool leaders left Mamata’s party to join the BJP.
Amid reports that several other leaders were eager to return, the Trinamool chief also outlined the criteria for the ‘ghar wapasi’ of former party leaders.
“Leaders who are kind, sober and do not believe in bitterness will be returned,” Mamata said, adding: “Those who betrayed Trinamool for money before the assembly elections will not be able to return to the party.”

Mamata Banerjee claimed that Mukul Roy was threatened in the BJP and that, in turn, affected his health.
“Mukul’s return proves that the BJP leaves no one alone and exerts undue pressure on everyone,” the prime minister said.
Stating that Mukul Roy will play an important role in the match and gain the prominence he enjoyed before, Mamata said that the former BJP vice president had never said anything against Trinamool despite campaigning for the BJP.
“In the current circumstances, no one will stay in Bharatiya Janata Party in Bengal, “said Mukul Roy after joining his old party.
Mukul Roy’s son Subhranshu also joined the BJP on Friday at the same event.
BJP says ‘opportunist’ Mukul’s departure will have no impact
The BJP reacted sharply to Mukul Roy’s move and called it opportunistic.
“Opportunists in politics do this. There was a rift between him and Abhishek Banerjee, then he joined the BJP. He will keep coming and going. He won an election for the first time, that too in the BJP symbol. He should have.” resigned before he left, “said Arjun Singh, West Flare BJP vice president.
West Bengal BJP MP Khagen Murmu said that Mukul Roy’s departure will not affect the party.
“Mukul Roy had left TMC and joined BJP before me. He played a good role in the organizing work of our party with all due respect. I learned today that he returned to TMC. It is totally his business, you can talk about it. But it will never affect our party, “said Khagen Murmu.
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