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MUMBAI: A few dozen healthcare workers, some politicians and their staff have taken a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine in town for the past few weeks, he has found out.
TO Booster Although it is offered in several western nations, it is still a hotly debated topic. The Center said Thursday that it was not a priority, indicating that a decision on the third dose may not be imminent.
Multiple sources have confirmed to TOI that healthcare workers have taken the third chance at various hospitals, either without registering with Co-win or using a different phone number. Many are believed to have had their antibody levels tested before taking it. A senior doctor told TOI: “The list mainly includes doctors who finished taking both doses in February and found a depletion in their antibody levels upon checking.”

It is learned that a young politician, her spouse and staff members have also taken the booster hit.
Covishield has been the choice for the booster dose, a hospital source said, adding that in some cases an eleventh dose has been removed from the vaccine vial for that purpose. Another hospital director said that in other cases, the third dose is drawn from a vial that may have a few doses left, but has no recipients at the end of the day’s vaccination campaign.
“Healthcare workers have seen groundbreaking infections among colleagues and are concerned about emerging variants,” he said.
Dr Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary (Health), however, called it enthusiasm wrong, saying that a third dose could trigger massive, life-threatening reactions in some cases.
“Let’s be scientists and don’t get carried away by emotions,” he said. Suresh Kakani, additional municipal commissioner, said: “There is a possibility that the extra dose in each vial is being used for this. If one is using that extra dose, there is no need for any registration. But my question for those who are taking it. it’s how they know it’s useful at all, “he said.

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