Nadda praises Modi’s government for measures to fight Covid | India News

Nadda praises Modi's government for measures to fight Covid |  India News

NEW DELHI: The way the Prime Minister’s government Narendra modi got ready to fight COVID-19 is “admirable” and reflects the strength of India, BJP President JP Nadda he said Thursday, citing the increase in medical infrastructure in the country to praise the Center.
While noting that the country faced a shortage of medical oxygen as the pandemic increased, he said Modi He left no stone unturned to fill the deficit in a week by gathering resources through “land, air and water”, a reference to their transportation by all available means.
In a speech after inaugurating the BJP office building in Arunachal Pradesh through a virtual event, Nadda said that medical oxygen production increased to 9,446 MT from 900 MT.
He also expressed his condolences to those who lost loved ones to the pandemic and said that Covid is the largest pandemic of the century.
“We are happy about the way the Indian Modi government prepared to fight COVID-19. This is truly admirable and reflects the strength of India,” he said, noting that the number of Covid testing labs it has increased from one to 2,500. and its capacity to 25 lakh per day from 1,500 since last year when the highly infectious disease was first reported in India.
The number of isolation beds has risen to more than 14 lakh and ICU beds to 81,000 from 2,000, he said.
Nadda’s comments came amid criticism from opposition parties of Modi’s government’s handling of the pandemic. They have accused it of being “ill prepared” to deal with the recent second increase.
The BJP president accused opposition parties, including the Congress, of trying to “derail” India’s vaccination program by questioning the safety of jabs that are made in India.
They tried to break the morale of the vaccine makers, he claimed, while praising the Modi government for producing two Indian-made vaccines within a year of the disease outbreak.
“In nine months, India had two vaccines, unprecedented in our nation’s history. People were questioning and spreading rumors. Leaders of Congress were spreading lies and questioning the ability of India’s experts and scientists,” he said.
Only two companies made vaccines before, but now 13 companies are making attacks in India, he said.
“By December, 19 Indian companies will manufacture vaccines and India will have vaccine doses of Rs 200 million,” he said.
India had waited decades and years before to start vaccine programs to fight diseases like measles and polio, he said.
In his speech, he also highlighted the government’s welfare measures, such as providing free rations to the poor and financial, educational and health benefits for children who lost their parents to illness.
Referring to the government’s work for the northeast region, Nadda said it was sloppy until Modi came to power in 2014.
“Due to the Prime Minister’s Eastern Policy, the government has focused on the northeast and a lot of development work is being done,” he said, praising the rise of the BJP in Arunachal Pradesh, where it is in power.


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