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Navin Nischol often recalled his overnight stardom and the cruelty with which it was taken from him. He sometimes made him feel bitter, sometimes even philosophical, but he accepted it and moved on.
Navin loved that insurance ad where the father holds his heart and faints when told that he has to pay a fee of 10 lakhs for his son. Navin used to say, ‘That’s the way to go.’ Someone up there heard it. That’s how it went.

As a nervous newcomer, Navin signed six films before the release of his debut film Sawan Bhadon. These weren’t exactly the projects to advance his career. Being a man of his word, he decided to go ahead with those movies. They shot him down. He could never ask anyone for a job. he reasoned. “If they want me, they ask me.” He turned down plum assignments. Even after years of hibernation when he had an impact with Khosla Ka Ghosla, he did not look for work.
Navin Nischol sang some very popular songs on screen. In his debut film Sawan Bhadon directed by Mohan Segal, he had composer Sonik-Omi play Rafi in Kaan Main Jhumka Chaal Mein Thumka. In Woh Main Nahin (where he played seven roles) with Sawan Bhadon’s team, he had Kishore Kumar’s Chahe Purush Ho Chahe Naari.

In Parwana in which Amitabh Bachchan played the villain, Navin sang Simti Si Sharmayee Si voiced by Kishore Kumar. This Madan Mohan composition was a hit on the charts. Perhaps the best known Navin Nischol song is another Madan Mohan composition: Tum Jo Mil Gaye Toh Yeh Lagta Hai in Hanste Zakhm.

Switching to Mukesh in Nadaan (where he replaced Parikshit Sahni in the eleventh hour), Navin sang the plaintive Jeevan Bhar Dhunda Jissko Woh Pyar Mila Par Nahin Mila.

On Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Buddha Mil Gaya, Navin lip-synched to one of Kishore Kumar’s most popular love ballads: Rat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Ayee and on the smash hit Victoria 203, Kishore’s Tu Na Mili Toh Hum Jogi Bann Jayenge (the third biggest movie hit after Do Bechare Bina Sahaare and Thoda Sa Thehro)

Mere Sajna was a flop, but Kishore’s Maine Kuch Khoya Hain Maine Kuch Paaya Hai Tere Pyar Mein for Navin while serenading Raakhee Gulzar, was beaten.

And to end with a barely remembered song that is the centerpiece of Navin Nischol’s musical heritage: Humne Tanhayee Ko Mehboob Banaa Rakha Hai, Raakh Ke Dher Mein Sholon Ko
Dabaa Rakha Hai sung to immortality by Jagjit Singh in Navin’s best film Ek Baar Kaho.

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