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A special NDPS Court denied bail to actor Armaan on Thursday Kohli arrested in a drug case brought by the Narcotics Control Office (NCB) from the seizure of 1.3 g of cocaine, a small amount. The court also rejected bail statements from two co-defendants from whom he did not recover.
The NCB has registered them for illicit trafficking, complicity and conspiracy and the case cannot be dissected for the role of each individual since the crime is part of the same thread, for bail purposes, special prosecutor Advait sethna he had argued.
Kohli had requested bail on the grounds that there is no case of illicit trafficking and it is alleged that only a small amount was recovered. But the NCB said the bail statement is “ill-conceived” and that the magistrate rejected it on September 4.
The actor was arrested on August 28 and booked under the NDPS Law.

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