New Charge Sheet Highlights Deputy Mufti’s 13-Year Career As “Active” of Pak Terrorist Groups | India News

New Charge Sheet Highlights Deputy Mufti's 13-Year Career As "Active" of Pak Terrorist Groups |  India News

SRINAGAR: A 19-page charge sheet produced by CIDCounter Intelligence Kashmir wing against those arrested Mehbooba Mufti PDP youth wing aide and chairman Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra describes him as a ruthless politician who was willing to become an “asset” to Pakistan-based terrorist groups in exchange for helping to push Pakistan off the road. your party’s opponents.
The charge sheet, backed by the statements of five protected witnesses and technical intelligence, includes bundles of attachments detailing their alleged attempts to eliminate political opponents. He also mentions alleged payments to terrorist groups to “balance electoral battles” in favor of the PDP.
According to the charge sheet, which was filed in the courts of NIA, POTA and TADA in SrinagarParra’s 13-year journey as a journalist and politician was a “saga of subterfuge, deception and double treatment.”
Parra joined the PDP in 2013 and, “once installed in the safety of a recognized political party,” “he consistently strengthened himself by skillfully deepening his roots on two sides of the divide: India and Pakistan,” the document states.
“Parra had the permission of the Pakistani establishment to keep throwing crumbs to India, allowing them small tactical gains and systematically pushing the overall situation, slowly but surely, in favor of Pakistan in a strategic sense.”
Sources said the head of the PDP’s youth wing had been asking for financial support from Pakistan to fight court cases against Pakistani terrorists arrested in various states. In 2007, he visited Pakistan as a journalist and interviewed the head of Hizbul Mujahideen. Syed salahuddin for an absed media channel from Pulwama.
The charge sheet highlights his alleged links to Pakistani-trained terrorists. Abu dujana and Abu Qasim, both killed in clashes with security forces. The CID affirms that Parra even endorsed the forced marriage of a Pulwama girl to Dujana.
By challenging all the charges brought against Parra during various court proceedings, his lawyer said he was being made into a political scapegoat. Parra won a seat in the first District Development Council elections last year even while in detention.


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