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NEW DELHI: After mucormycosis (black fungus), another fungal infection was detected in four patients recovered by Covid in Pune in the past three months, raising concern among the health fraternity. Prabhakar * (66) complained of mild fever and severe low back pain one month after recovering from Covid-19. He was initially treated conservatively with muscle relaxants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs without relief.
An MRI scan revealed severe bone damage caused by an infection in the spaces of the spinal discs called spondylodiscitis. A bone biopsy and culture grew Aspergillus species, a type of mold (fungus).
Medically called aspergillus osteomyelitis, invasive fungal infection is very difficult to diagnose as it mimics spinal tuberculosis. This fungal infection has been detected in the oral cavities of patients recovered by Covid and, in rare cases, in the lungs. “We diagnosed vertebral osteomyelitis caused by aspergillus fungal species in four patients in three months. Prior to this, aspergillus vertebral osteomyelitis had not been documented in post-Covid patients in India. ” Deenanath Mangeshkar infectious disease expert from Parikshit hospital Prayag he told TOI.
The common denominator of all four was that they had severe Covid and received steroid treatment to overcome Covid-associated pneumonia and related complications. “Long-term use of corticosteroids can increase the risk of opportunistic infections, depending on the underlying disease being treated and what other medications are being used,” he said.
Prayag had diagnosed the first patient with vertebral aspergillus osteomyelitis three months ago. “We collected the fourth case this month. All four patients are in treatment, ”Prayag said.

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