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NEW DELHI: India may be the only G20 country and one of the few countries in the world to have been ‘2 Degree Celsius” compatible temperature rise under the Paris Agreement, but a new and strict rating system for Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has lowered the country’s overall rating from the ‘almost sufficient’ category in November last year to the ‘highly insufficient’ category on par with China, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Argentina and Mexico this month.
The new classification system, released on Wednesday, took into account different parameters, including updates to climate action targets such as the mid-century ‘net zero’ emissions target and compatibility measures of ‘1.5 degrees. C ‘.
The 37-country rating by CAT, administered by the German-based non-profit group Climate Analytics and research body New Climate Institute, shows small nation Gambia as the only country that is compliant with ‘1.5 degrees C’.

The CAT has rated the UK, Germany, Japan, the US, Nepal and 12 other countries above India in the categories of ‘almost sufficient’ and ‘insufficient’ due to the improvement of their respective climate action targets. and other measures. Although the UK national target is compatible with ‘1.5 degrees C’, the Tacker He noted that the country’s policies and international support do not coincide.
However, India’s rating will improve significantly if it improves its climate action goal, called a nationally determined contribution (NDC), under the Paris Agreement, taking into account its decision to establish 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. and green hydrogen, in fact, will make it compatible with ‘1.5 degrees C’.
“In the previous system, we had only evaluated India’s NDC target against its fair share. We have updated our fair share calculations, and for India these have become stricter, leading to a fair share rating of ‘highly insufficient’, compared to its previous ‘2 degrees C compliant’ (almost sufficient) ”, the Tracker said in its global update on climate action.

“Of particular concern are Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and Vietnam. They have failed to raise ambition at all, presenting the same or even less ambitious targets for 2030 than those they presented in 2015. These countries must reconsider their choice, “he said. Bill hare, Executive Director of Climate Analytics.
On the policy front, the Tracker noted that coal remains an issue with China and India having big plans on pipelines. “Southeast Asia is also cause for concern, as Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea still plan to go ahead with the most polluting fossil fuels,” the CAT report said.
At NDC, he said the updates sent so far in 2020-2021 have narrowed the gap to what is needed for 1.5 degrees C only by as much as 15%. There are still more than 70 countries that have not yet submitted an updated goal.
On the ‘net zero’ momentum, the report said that while the mid-century wave of national ‘net zero’ targets gives reason for hope, it will fail without sufficient reductions by 2030. “There needs to be an alignment between the 2030 targets and the net zero targets to make the latter credible. Our assessment shows that most net zero targets are vaguely formulated and not yet in line with good practice, ”he said.

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